Straight Tip Catheters

Cure Catheter®: All Cure Catheters are 100% DEHP free and latex free

Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate DEHP and latex free(DEHP) is a chemical which is often added to plastic to make it flexible, but which has been listed by the California EPA Office of Env. Health Hazard Assessment List of Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity, Dec. 8, 2006.

Latex is the raw material from which rubber is made, and is an irritant or allergen for many individuals. All Cure Catheters are latex free.

Male Urinary Catheters

Cure Catheters® are not made with DEHP, BPA or Natural Rubber Latex. These sterile, single use catheters feature polished eyelets, tip options, and funnel ends for males and females. Cure Catheters are available by the box (30 units/box) and by the case (10 boxes/case).

All Cure Catheters have smooth, fire-polished eyelets

Eyelet comparisonSmooth, fire-polished eyelets makes Cure catheters more gentle to use. Many PVC catheters are cold-punched in the manufacturing process; they are not as gentle, which can make routine intermittent catheterization a negative experience.  Cure Medical uses an ultrasonic process that alternates heating and cooling, to ensure that all eyelets on all Cure Medical catheters have an exceptionally smooth, rounded edge.

Cure Medical donates 10% of all net profits to research leading to a cure

Cure donates 10% of its proceeds to medical research for a cure to spinal cord injuries and central nervous system disorders.

Female Urinary Catheters








Catheter Sizes

Urinary catheters are sized by length and width.  Female catheters are 6” long.  Pediatric Catheters are 10” long.  Male Catheters are 16” long.  A female can use a pediatric or male length catheters.  The french size refers to the diameter of the catheter, with a smaller french size corresponding with a smaller diameter.  Babies typically start with an 8 French urinary catheter.  Newborns may require a 6 French, and preemies may require a 5 French.  5 French is the smallest catheter size manufactured. The most common French size for an adult female is 14 Fr, and the most common French size for an adult male is 16 Fr.  Catheter users transitioning from long term use of an indwelling or Foley catheters to intermittent catheterization may require a larger French size.


Part No. Description French Size
M8 Male, 16”, Straight Tip 8
M10 Male, 16”, Straight Tip 10
M10C Male, 16”, Coude Tip 10
M12 Male, 16”, Straight Tip 12
M12C Male, 16”, Coude Tip 12
M14 Male, 16”, Straight Tip 14
M14C Male, 16”, Coude Tip 14
M16 Male, 16”, Straight Tip 16
M16C Male, 16”, Coude Tip 16
M18 Male, 16”, Straight Tip 18
M18C Male, 16”, Coude Tip 18
HM12 Male 16”, Straight Tip, (Hydrophilic) 12
HM12C Male 16”, Coude Tip, (Hydrophilic) 12
HM14 Male 16”, Straight Tip, (Hydrophilic) 14
HM14C Male 16”, Coude Tip, (Hydrophilic) 14
HM16 Male 16”, Straight Tip, (Hydrophilic) 16
HM16C Male 16”, Coude Tip, (Hydrophilic) 16
F8 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 8
F10 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 10
F12 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 12
F14 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 14
F14NC Female, 6”, Straight Tip ( No connector) 14
F16 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 16
F18 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 18
P8 Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip 8
P10 Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip 10
P12 Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip 12
P14 Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip



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