Cure Twist: Hydrophilic Catheter

Cure Twist™

The Cure Twist™ is not made with DEHP or Natural Rubber Latex. This sterile, single-use female catheter has a unique, attractive shape and size similar to typical cosmetic products. Other premium Cure Twist™ features include:

Cure Twist Hydrophilic CatheterNo Drip/No Mess


Easy, twist open top

Polished eyelets

Universal funnel end

Ease of use


  • Part No. Description French Size
    T10 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 10
    T12 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 12
    T14 Female, 6”, Straight Tip 14



Cure Twist The Cure Twist is about the size of  a lipstick or mascara--very convenient and discrete.

The Cure Twist is comparable to Coloplast’s SpeediCath, except that it twists out and does not drip or spill water when opened.