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Cure Medical ® Pocket Catheter

Cure Medical ® Pocket Catheter: Catheters for Men

The flexible, U-shape Cure Medical ® Pocket Catheter enables men to conveniently and discretely carry the product in a pants pocket. Cure Catheters are available by the box (30 units/box) and by the case (10 boxes/case).

Cure Medical’s Pocket Catheters offer a solution for male catheter users who lead active lifestyles, and have a need to carry catheters in their pockets while on the go.  Most male length catheters will kink when folded in order to carry in the pocket.  This can damage the catheter, and can even destroy the functionality of the catheter.   Cure’s Pocket Catheter is pre-packaged in a U shape so that the catheter remains sealed in its packaging, while being small enough to fit in a man’s pocket. 

Part No. Description French Size
M12U Male, 16” 12
M14U Male, 16” 14
M14UL Male, 16”, with Lubricant 14
M14UK Male, 16”, Kit, Offered as a case of 90 units. 14
M16U Male, 16”