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Coude Tip CathetersCure Catheters™ are sterile, single use intermittent catheters which feature polished eyelets, tip options, and funnel ends for males and females. Cure catheters come in the following sizes.

Cure offer Coude tip (curved tip catheters) in 10 to 16 Fr, Hydrophilic Male Coude Tip Catheters in 12 to 16 Fr and Pediatric Catheters in 8 to 14 Fr.  A female can use a male length or pediatric length catheter. 

About Coude Tip Catheters

A coude tip catheter is simply a curved tip catheter.  The curve of a coude tip catheter may be required if you experience pain and simply cannot pass a straight tip catheter.  A Coude tip may be necessary in men to thread the catheter past the curve of the prostate, and it is often required for catheter users with an enlarged prostate.  Coude tip catheters are also needed for catheter users with urethral stricure, blockage, or scarring.  This is because a straight tip catheter will bow against the stricture and not advance.  The curve allows the catheter to move past the stricture or blockage without further damaging delicate urethral tissue.  Though more common in male catheter users, some females are unable to use a straight catheter and require a coude tip catheter as well.  Long-time catheter users often develop urethral stricture requiring a Coude tip catheter in order to catheterize, especially if they have a medical history of indwelling (Foley) catheterization, washing and reusing catheters, using catheters with rough eyelets, or inadequate lubrication. 

The good news is that all Cure Catheters have smooth, fire-polished eyelets

Eyelet comparisonThe good news is that whether you are using a straight tip catheter or Coude tip catheter manufactured by Cure, all Cure catheters have smooth, fire-polished eyelets.  Smooth eyelets make Cure catheters more gentle to use on delicate urethral tissues.  Other types of PVC catheters are cold-punched in the manufacturing process; they are not as gentle, which can make routine intermittent catheterization a negative experience.  Cure Medical uses an ultrasonic process that alternates heating and cooling, to ensure that all eyelets on all Cure Medical catheters have an exceptionally smooth, rounded edge.

Medical Necessity for Coude Tip Catheters

Insurance generally requires a prescription specifically for a curved tip catheter, and Medicare requires chart notes to support the need for a Coude tip rather than a straight tip catheter. When you are taught catheterization or CIC, your physician or nurse will be able to determine if you require a Coude tip catheter in order to catheterize.

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