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Cure logoCure Catheters Feature Smooth, Rounded Edges for Greater Comfort


Cure Catheters™ and Cure Closed Systems are sterile, single use intermittent catheters with fire-polished eyelets, tip options, and funnel ends for males and females.  Cure CathetersCompared to other manufacturers which offer some fire-polished and some cold punched eyelets, all Cure catheters are fire-polished, DEHP, free and latex-free.  Smooth eyelets are important to prevent urethral damage due to repeated catheterizations, and for the comfort of the catheter user.  Increased comfort facilitates compliance with an intermittent catheterization protocol. All Cure catheters are latex-free.  Latex is of concern because individuals with Spina Bifida often have neurogenic bladder requiring intermittent catheterization, and they also have an allergy to latex to varying degrees. 

Cure offers Straight Tip Catheters, Coude Tip Catheters, Closed System Catheters, the Cure Medical Pocket Catheter for men, the Cure Twist for women, and an Insertion Kit which pairs with any brand of catheter for sterile insertion supplies.


All Cure Catheters and Cure Closed System Catheters are 100% DEHP free and latex free

Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate DEHP and latex free(DEHP) is a chemical which is often added to plastic to make it flexible, but which has been listed by the California EPA Office of Env. Health Hazard Assessment List of Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity, Dec. 8, 2006. . Latex is the raw material from which rubber is made, and is an irritant or allergen for many individuals. All Cure Catheters and Cure Closed System Catheters are latex free.

All Cure Catheters and Cure Closed System Catheters have smooth, fire-polished eyelets

Eyelet comparisonSmooth, fire-polished eyelets makes Cure catheters more gentle to use. Many PVC catheters are cold-punched in the manufacturing process; they are not as gentle, which can make routine intermittent catheterization a negative experience.  Cure Medical uses an ultrasonic process that alternates heating and cooling, to ensure that all eyelets on all Cure Medical catheters have an exceptionally smooth, rounded edge.

Cure Medical donates 10% of all net profits to research leading to a cure

Cure donates 10% of its proceeds to medical research for a cure to spinal cord injuries and central nervous system disorders.

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