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Coloplast Intermittent Catheters


Coloplast offers a wide variety of catheter types: straight tip, coude tip, closed system, hydrophilic, and compact sets.   Coloplast is the only manufacturer of a 5 French straight tip catheter.  Coloplast also offers the popular SpeediCath which is a hydrophilic without the need for a water packet.  The water is already mixed with the hydrophilic coating. Some catheter users prefer the SpeediCath, while others find it too messy, slippery and difficult. 



Coloplast Self-Cath

While Coloplast offers some of the most sophisticated catheter systems, such as the SpeediCath Compact Set, health insurance will only cover a closed system kit when the patient qualifies according to the insurance coverage guidelines.  Many long-time adult catheter users do not need sterile insertion supplies to avoid UTI’s.  For these patients, Cololplast’s Self-Cath offers for a simple, reliable, no fuss catheter.


Hydrophilic coating will not compensate for a low quality catheter.  For example a high quality straight tip catheter with smooth eyelets may be preferable to a hydrophilic catheter with rough eyelets. 

COMPARISON:  Cure Medical vs Coloplast


Additionally, clinicians and catheter users prefer the Cure Twist over SpeediCath products because Cure Twist is pre-lubricated without any messy water dripping.

COMPARISON:  Cure Twist vs SpeediCath


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