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Intermittent Catheterization Instructions


Most patients are taught how to perform intermittent self-catheterization by their physician, nurse or home health nurse. We offer on-line and printed catheter instructions:

Self-Catheterization Instructions for Men;

Self-Catheterization Instructions for Women; and,

a Catheterization Fact Sheet published by the Society of Urological Nurses and Associates (SUNA).

Does Self-Catherization Hurt?

Intermittent self-catheterization should not hurt.  With the proper technique, the right catheter and some experience you should be able to catheterize yourself without pain.  If you experience pain while attempting to perform intermittent catheterization, contact your physician or nurse.  You may be experiencing a urinary tract infection or bacterial infection; using a French size that is too large using; not adequately lubricating your catheter; using a catheter that is too stiff; or, using a catheter with rough eyelets.  If you have developed strictures, you may require a Coude (curved) tip catheter in order to catheterize. If you are a new catheter user, you may simply be nervous about performing intermittent catheterization.  Female catheter users may benefit from a compact, hand held mirror in order to better view their anatomy, and perform self-catheterization.  We are happy to include one with your initial order of supplies upon request.

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