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Washing and Reusing Catheters

Why Insurance Covers a New Catheter Each time

Reason #1: Washing and reusing catheters increases the likelihood of bacteria remaining in the catheter to be reinserted into the urinary tract, thereby causing infection. UTI’s are one of the most frequent and significant complications for intermittent catheter users.  Symptoms of infection include: burning sensation with urination, having the urge to urinate more frequently, opaque or bloody urine, nausea and fever.

Reason #2:  The benefits of hydrophilic-coated catheters are only available for a single use.  This is because the hydrophilic coating is removed when washed, and the catheter requires manual lubrication for reuse.

Reason #3:  The cost of treating urinary tract infections in catheter users (an estimated $3.5 billion so far) is much higher than the cost of providing single use intermittent catheters.  Based on these research findings, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) eliminated mandatory reuse practices, and now allow for sterile single use catheters for each catheterization.

Reason #4: Intermittent catheters were never made or approved by the FDA for repeated use.  They are Single Use Devices (SUDs), and when used repeatedly pose significant risk for infection or product failure, endangering patient health and safety.

Reason #5:  Why struggle and fuss with washing, and drying catheters?   Individuals with neurogenic bladder and their caregivers should have the quality, freedom and convenience of sterile single use intermittent catheters.  Single use intermittent catheters represent the best practices in medicine our healthcare system has to offer.

Reason #6:  Individuals who experience infections even with sterile single use catheters should increase their efforts to avoid infection by using catheter kits.  They should not give up their efforts to avoid urinary tract infections, and go back to washing and reusing catheters.  Medicare provides catheter kits for individuals who experience two distinct documented urinary tract infections in a twelve month period while using sterile intermittent catheters.  Catheter kits are sterile insertion supplies containing gloves, antiseptic wipe, drapes, and lubricant.  Closed system catheter kits additionally contain a drainage bag.

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