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Brands of Catheters:  Catheter Manufacturers

There are many catheter brands and manufacturers, and there are many different types of catheters.  Hope Medical Supply carries many brands of catheters.  We can source any urological supplies or catheters you need.  Here, we feature some of the best catheters on the market today, such as: 


Cure Catheters: Cure offers a wide variety of intermittent catheters and closed system catheters which are DEHP and latex-free.  All Cure catheters have fire-polished eyelets, and Cure Medical donates 10% of net profits to medical research to find a cure for spinal cord injury.  Cure catheters are widely favored by catheter users sampling among catheter brands for their comfort and simplicity.  Cure offers the Cure Twist for women as an alternative to Coloplast’s Speedi-Cath and the Cure Medical Pocket Catheter for discrete carrying and smaller packagin in a straight catheter for men.


Rusch Teleflex Catheters: Rusch CathetersRusch Teleflex is the only manufacturer of a 6 French closed system for newborn pediatric catheter users, such as those born with Spina Bifida.  The Rusch Teleflex closed system underdrape also has kid-friendly designs.


MTG Catheters: MTG Catheters are rehab catheters especially made for those with limited manual dexterity or limited grasp.  MTG specializes exclusively in closed system catheters, and has a unique EZ-Advancer which prevents the catheter from retracting back into the bag.  MTG makes the Cath-Lean, the only closed system catheter sized just for women, and the Kiddie-Cath, a pediatric closed system catheter kit sized just for children.


Bard Catheters: Bard CathetersBard is one of the most established catheter brands in in-patient rehab settings, and many catheter users become accustomed to Bard closed system catheters while in-patient.  Bard also offers a red rubber catheter which is very soft and preferred by many catheter users.


Coloplast CathetersColoplast Intermittent Catheters: Coloplast offers a wide variety of catheter types and sizes.  Many long-time catheter users are accustomed to the self-cath and request it by brand name.  The brand name self-cath has become synonymous with intermittent catheters.  Coloplast also offers the very popular Speedi-Cath, a prelubricated / hydrophilic catheter.

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