Mentor Self-Cath Catheters

Mentor Self-Cath Catheters for Male and Female Needs

Mentor Self-Cath® is a latex-free urethral catheter designed for intermittent self-catheterization. Smooth, polished eyelets for patient comfort and ease of use. The medical-grade siliconized surface enables easy insertion.

The 100% latex-free Self-Cath catheter is soft for comfort, yet firmer than red rubber for easy insertion. Self-Cath catheters feature 100% Latex-Free, Straight tip, Fire-Polished eyelets, Siliconized surface, Medical grade PVC, Straight packaging and Funnel End.

The Self-Cath Straight Tip catheters for males is 16” long and comes in sizes 8Fr-18Fr.  The Self-Cath Female catheter is 6” long and comes in sizes 8Fr-14Fr.  The Self-Cath Pediatric catheter is 10” long and comes in 5Fr and 6Fr Funnel ends, and 8 Fr and 10Fr Luer ends.

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