VEDs - Vacuum Erection Device

Vacuum Therapy is the only natural, drug free treatment for ED proven in clinical trials to be over 90% effective. Studies have shown that both patients and their partners have high satisfaction rates. Additionally, vacuum therapy treatment is not associated with side effects common to pharmaceutical therapies such as headaches, facial flushing, upset stomach, and vision problems. Vacuum therapy is a simple natural way to return to intercourse.  


Firma Medical’s VED Vacuum Pump System is made in the U.S., manufactured and sold out of Mansfield, Texas. We are very proud of our product and strive to help our patients use the product in the best way possible. Firma Medical is grateful to the many patients using the VED Vacuum Pump System in helping us meet a better standard in customer service. We listen to concerns and ideas, hoping to better serve the men we help.

Firma Medical offers superb service and support for every system purchased. Every VED System purchase includes the following:

Educational DVD/VHS Detailed Manual for therapy & intercourse Discreet carrying case 2 sizes constriction rings Soft Touch Constrictor Seal ™ Loading Cone VED Personal Lubricant VED Cylinder with Sizing Insert VED Motor or Manual Pump Warranty Program      

The Osbon ErecAid Vacuum Therapy System

  • Restores sexual function in 9 out 10 men
  • Offers a non-invasive, drug-free alternative
  • Minimizes side effect risk
  • Provides an economical long-term solution
  • Is covered by Medicare and many insurance plans


The Osbon ErecAid Vacuum Therapy System

Osbon ErecAid Vacuum Therapy System


Battery-driven vacuum system operates with a touch of a button.  


Osbon ErecAid Vacuum Therapy System


Easy to Use manual vacuum system features a pumping mechanism that can be operated with one hand.